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iPhone 5 Launch in Big Flats

Big time excitement for Apple’s latest offering

iPhone 5 Launch in Big Flats

Big Flats- (WENY)

It's launch day for the iPhone 5 and customers were lined up early at the Verizon store in Big Flats this morning.  The first people to arrive were in line at five A-M.  iPhone users are excited for the bigger screen, 4G capability, and improved front facing camera amongst other improvements that come with the iPhone 5.  People lucky enough to get their hands on one today were happy to be among the first users of Apple's latest offering.

The Verizon store manager in Big Flats,Shelly Stevens, says "we came in this morning and we were at about 20 (people) and it quickly grew to 50 (people). A lot of fun and a lot of excitement in the air".

One of the first customers in line was Wendy Wright.  She was there to keep up with the times "...just to get the new upcoming technology. You know, to be the cool thing. (reporter: You want to be the cool mom?). Ya! Well, I already am".

You can trade in your old phone at the Verizon Big Flats store for money towards new iPhone 5 accessories.