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Ithaca Protest Targets Unfair Tax Breaks

Protesters Want Country’s Richest 1% to Pay More Taxes

Tax Day Protest

     The Ithaca Commons protest was part of a national day of action called the 'Tax the 1%'movement, which includes more than 500 groups across the country.

      Local organizers with the Tompkins County Workers Center and the Finger Lakes MoveOn Council say the goal is to get the richest one percent of the country to pay more in taxes to help rebuild the economy and reshape the country.

      “If not today, what day?," asks Jami Breedlove with the workers center.  "We need to start everyday being the day that we need to represent changes in that need to happen in our government.” 

      “The burden is getting put on the working and middle class, and that’s just wrong,” says Pam Gueldner with MoveOn.org. 
       Tuesday's rally was also a part of the '99% Spring Training' movement.  The onlinegroup trained more than a 100,000 Americans between April 9 and 15 to organize non-violent protests across the country and highlight the growing economic disparity.