Ithaca Beer Company Opens New Tap Room

Taproom Open For Tastings

Ithaca Beer Company Opens New Tap Room

(WENY) Ithaca--  Ithaca Beer Company is showing off their new tasting room.  The tasting room is just one part of the brand new facility that has been a year in the making.  A new brew house has been installed that allows Ithaca Beer to more than double their production.  New features at the facility include an outdoor seating area and a beer garden where you can sit out and enjoy a brew.  Ithaca Beer is one of the region's fastest growing craft beer companies and they are excited to attract customers both new and old.

Owner of Ithaca Beer Company, Dan Mitchell, says "It's just a nicer facility to come visit. So you can come visit and hang out. At the old place you took a tasting, grabbed a six pack and left. Now you you can come and hang out for a little while".

Bob Crabbs came up for the Grand Opening from Endicott and adds "I've loved Ithaca brew since they started. Saw that this was their Grand Opening and had to be here".

Next month, the brewery plans to open a new kitchen featuring a wood-fired oven for pizzas.  You can enjoy the new taproom Wednesday through Sunday from noon til 7.