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Ithaca Graduates Told to, "Take Risks"

Ithaca College Graduation

ITHACA (WENY)---Hundreds of Ithaca Graduates walked the stage, grabbed their diploma and  entered the real world.

Over one thousand students received their College Diplomas yesterday and they were encouraged to find their passion and stick with it.

That was Amy Kule's message- the commencement speaker and 1987 graduate who is now the producer for the annual Macy's Thanksgiving day parade.

She said life is all about taking changes.

In her speech she said, "Take a deep breath and move on. Take your risks now while you're young. As you grow older you will become more fearful and hesistant to take life-changing risks....stay true to who you are."

After the speach, the senior class officers presented the class gift. The class raised over 3$30,000 dollars this year to support the creation of the class of 2012 Emergency Financial Aid Scholarship.

The 1,360 graduates joined the ranks of the college's 54,000 alumni members.