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Jackals 2012- 2013 Season A Go

The County Executive reached an agreement to keep Elmira's Pro Hockey team in town for one more year.

Jackals Hockey Staying in Elmira

May 30, 2012

Elmira (WENY) - The 2012 2013 jackals hockey season is a go. The first arena soap opera isn't over, but some good news came down for jackals fans. The county, property owners and management team say they have an agreement. It will keep the arena operating until the end of the next ECHL season. Jackals fans are excited about the news, and so are downtown business owners. The Chemung County Executive Tom Santulli says the agreement is only temporary.

“One thing that has become apparent to us over the past 5 or years the fire system wasn't even on or operational during any event at the arena and we're not going to live that again.”

A memorandum of understanding between the County, Jackals ownership, and Southern Tier Economic Development will keep pro Hockey in Elmira for another year. The agreement gives the county oversight privileges to make sure First arena is run properly during litigation. Although its temporary it helps keeps business moving.

“We hope for Elmira and for this area and especially for downtown that jackals do stay because its going to bring a lot of revenue to here it will make the city want to put a lot of money into downtown so that's what we're looking for.”

“We're going to be there as often as needed to make sure that all agreements are being followed and lived up to,” says Santulli.

In the end its fans like Renee Gosslin, that are the most excited.

“Going over there and being in the atmosphere with the cotton candy and everything it makes you feel like your in a whole different world,” says Renee.

Marcia Metcalfe is also from Elmira. She says Jackals hockey is a community event.

“It seats 5 thousand and we sell 5 thousand almost every game people want the jackals here and I think people would be crushed if we lost them.”

The County executive says the county will start looking for new owners by October. This agreement runs out one day after the jackals season ends.