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Chemung Jogger Assaulted

A 17 year old girl assualted while jogging on North Road in Chemung

Chemung Jogger Assaulted

June 11, 2012

Chemung (WENY) - Some people in the Town of Chemung are shaken after a 17 year old girl was assaulted. State police are still investigating the incident. Investigators have released a picture of the vehicle but are still looking for the suspect. On Friday night, 7 o'clock, the girl was assaulted while she was jogging on north street in the Town of Chemung. Police are not releasing any details of the alleged attack. State Police Investigator Chad Deweese says the girl assaulted was able to give a description of the attacker.

“The suspect is approximately six feet tall, with brown hair, brown eyes, a slender build but strong.”

Shawnie Brown from American Family Karate in Elmira, says there are few basic moves anyone can use to defend

“Sometimes a nice strike to the throat where it's nice and soft someone who cant breath can't chase you very far,” says Brown.

“Women should fight should always fight, always strike back, make eye contact if you get a good look at them, that may be just enough to deter them. Travel in groups if you can.”

If you have any information about the attack, call the State Police at 607- 739 8797.

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