Authorities: Affair At Center Of Supít Murder?

Superintendent Murder Update

CLYMER, NY (WENY)---Authorities say an affair may be the motive behind the murder of Western New York educator, Keith Reed. The suspect's wife is also saying she believes her husband is guilty in the murder.

Police say Anthony Taglianetti shot Keith Reed outside of his Clymer Home. The Virginia man was arrested Friday, charged with murder. Police say Taglianetti drove more than 6 hours, from Virginia to New York, to shoot Reed.

Keith Reed was serving as superintendent for the small community of Clymer. He once served as an assistant principal for both the Campbell-Savona and Horseheads school districts.

Now, an anoynomous person has told authorities that Reed and Taglinetti's wife had a romantic relationship some time ago. Keith Reed's brother tells the Associated Press it's unfair to characterize the relationship as an affair. Reed's brother says the two met online and the woman said she was divorced.

Taglianetti's wife, Mary, says they're estranged but she isn't shocked by her husband's arrest.

"I can tell you he was a very controlling man, and I'm glad he is where he is right now," says Mary Taglianetti. "He's guilty, and I'm glad he's there. We've had a rough marital history," she adds in an interview with ABC-affiliate, WJLA.

Reed's funeral was held Friday. Taglianetti will appear in court today.