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Tips for Last Minute Tax Filing

Must-know tips if you plan on filing your taxes late

Last Minute Tax Filing
April 16, 2012
         SOUTHERN TIER (WENY) --  April 17 at midnight is the last day to file your taxes, and many local tax specialists are preparing for the rush.  Nearly 25 percent of Americans wait until the last week to file taxes, and this year is no different.
        Local tax preparers say most people have been getting their federal refunds on time.  There was a delay at the beginning of tax season because of a new electronic filing program, but they say all of the bugs in the system have been worked out.
       You will have to wait a little longer for your state refunds because the state comptroller has temporarily stopped all state tax refunds to investigate more than 5,900 improper returns.
       Overall, tax specialists say get your filing done as soon as you can because a late penalty is much better than not filing at all.
       "When they come to the tax office, try to make sure they have all the forms they would need," says Jackson Hewitt Tax Services assistant supervisor Jan Harrington.  "It makes it quicker and easier to get it all done. And if it's a simple form, it takes maybe half an hour to get it done."
       "We expect to see a lot of people," says Shannon Bullers, manager at the H&R Block at the Wegman's Plaza.  "We've a booming day [Monday], had about 30 clients through the door and there's still a ton left to file."