Local Politicians Weigh in On Romney’s VP Pick

Local Politicians Weigh in On Romney’s VP Pick

(WENY)---The man who represents the Southern Tier in Congress is chiming in on Mitt Romey's choice for running mate. Representative Paul Ryan from Wisconsin got the nod late Friday.

Congressman Tom Reed says he admires Ryan, because what you see is what you get.

Reed says, "I see a willingness in Paul that he would be open to any input from anyone as to improvement of issues of the day, what he wont do, and this is what I appreciate about him too, is he's not going to engage in the cheap politics of the day, or he's not going to engage in side issues that try to distract from the real base of the issues."

Ryan plans to restrain health care costs and federal spending by steering future retirees into private insurance plans.

But, New York's 23rd District Democratic Congressional Nominee, Nate Shinagawa, says Ryan's plan will only hurt seniors. He released a statement saying quote, "Congressman Paul Ryan wrote the plan to end Medicare as we know it so that the private insurance companies funding their campaigns will profit while seniors will pay more for their health care."

In a new online video, the Obama campaign features seniors in Florida who are concerned that their benefits will be cut.