Life-Saving Plane Launches at Lockheed Martin

Life-Saving Plane Launches at Lockheed Martin

OWEGO (WENY)--- Lockheed Martin is celebrating its centenial in a big way with a small plane, but don't let its size fool you.

The Owego site launched its new unmanned aircraft, the Desert Hawk III. The eight pound silent flyer is made out of foam, covered in carbon fiber and kevlar.

It's equipped with a camera and sensors which send visual information to a pilot on the ground, allowing troops to see what's going on around them.

Lockheed Martin, Technical Director, John Yuhnick says, "The value to us is more than just the technology. The value is what it provides to the work work fighter and it is actually keeping them in much safer situations that what they would have to go into and so with this asset, gaining information and what is happening around them and having an airport asset is extremely valuable to the safety of our troops."

The Desert Hawk III  took two years to design and develop. 650 Desert Hawks are being used by United Kingdom's military forces. Lockheed Martin is hoping US troops will start using it soon.