Man Jumps for His Life After Fire

Hornby Fire Investigation

HORNBY (WENY)---Fire tore through a Hornby house this morning, destroying everything in its path.

The man in the house jumped from the second story but fortunately, he's not injured.

The survivor, Thomas Green says, "It's good to be alive, I am just having a good time. It was a beautiful summer anyhow, until now. I mean, I just feel terrible."

Green says he feels lucky to be alive and walking today. He had to jump from the second story of the house that once stood here.

Fire officials tell us the three bedroom home at 4028 Pine Hill Road went up in flames just after 2 this morning. Green says the light from the blaze woke him up, prompting him to jump for his life and run barefoot for help.

He says, "I got out of the house, I couldn't even move, I am thinking oh my god, the house is on fire, the house I'm living in."

The fire took about 15 minutes to put out, but officials tell us they didn't reach the scene until about 25 minutes after the blaze began.

"A fire doubles in size every minute or two, especially with construction. So, if you aren't there in 5 or 10 minutes, it has a good start on you," said Corning Fire Lt. Scott Bump.

That start led to a quick finish. The house and everything in it is destroyed.

Thomas has been living in the the house for about a month. It belongs to his cousin, who is out of town, and now Thomas faces the daunting task of telling him about it.

"Everyone in his family had something in that house and now it's gone and I just feel terrible."

Firefighters are still trying to figure out the cause. Thomas says he burned some trash earlier in the night, he was smoking cigarettes, and he had lit some candles.