Natural Gas Bill to Benefit PASSHE Schools

Written By: Renata Stiehl
Natural Gas Bill to Benefit PASSHE Schools

     HARRISBURG, PA (WENY) -- A bill headed to Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett's desk would allow state-owned universities to benefit from the money generated by natural gas drilling.
     The bill allows for drilling and mining for oil, coal and limestone on lands owned by the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, which operates 14 universities, including Mansfield University.
    The bill directs 85-percent of the proceeds from extraction to go towards maintenance, energy efficiency and cost-saving improvements at the universities. Of that 85-percent, 50-percent will go to the state school where the extraction took place, while the other 35-percent will be shared with other schools not suited for drilling or mining.
     The remaining 15-percent will be used for tuition scholarships.