Mansfield University Launches Marcellus Institute

Written By: Renata Stiehl

Institute will Connect People with Careers in Gas Industry

Mansfield University Marcellus Institute
     MANSFIELD (WENY) -- A new institute at Mansfield University is designed to connect students and the community with careers in the natural gas industry.
    The Marcellus Institute is forming an academic partnership with companies working in all areas of the gas drilling industry. The institute plans community outreach programs, both on campus and in school districts in Tioga County, to educate people about drilling careers
    The goal is help foster better understanding about the gas industry, and offer education training for careers in the field.
    "The industry is informing us that they're making more informed decisions as they hire individuals, they're looking strategically, they're looking for indiviuals that have a knowledge base and a background already, and they're being more thoughtful and purposeful in their hiring and what jobs they're hiring them for," said Lindsey Sikorski, the interim Director of the Marcellus Institute.
     The university is also proposing two degree programs - an Associates Degree in Natural Gas Production and Services, and a Bachelor of Sciece degree in Safety Management. Sikorski says students who graduate from these programs will have knowledge and skill directly transferrable to the gas industry.