Millport Community Centerís Roof Caves In

Millport Community Center
Millport (WENY) -- Part of the roof caved in over the weekend at the Millport Community Center. Adjacent roads and sidewalks have been blocked off since Monday to prevent people from getting hit with falling debris.

The community center was built as a church in the early 1800s, and for the past few years, village leaders have been dealing with a leaky roof.

The front part of the building is unusable, but the back part will be saved for town meetings, bingo, youth activities and holiday parties.

"A lot of people, myself included -- because I grew up with this building here -- hate to see it go, but it costs way more than it's worth to fix," said Millport Mayor, Robert Becraft.

The Mayor expects the road and sidewalk near to the center to be closed for three to four weeks. Asbestos testing is scheduled for Tuesday, to get ready to tear down the front part of the building.