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Schumer Calls For New Boating Rules

Schumer on Boat Regulations

ALBANY, NY (WENY)---A boating accident earlier this month may prompt nationwide changes.

Three young children died when a recreational boat capsized and sank near Cove Neck on Long Island after an Independence Day fireworks show. Senator Chuck Schumer now wants the U.S. Coast Guard to establish capacity limits for larger boats.

"Believe it or not, all boats under 20 feet do have capacity limits, so it boggles the mind why boats over 20 feet don't. That doesn't make any sense whatsoever. Now, we have capacity limits posted for everything from ballrooms to classrooms, but not recreational fishing vessels over 20 feet, and that just makes no sense," says Schumer (D-NY).

The 34-foot boat that sank off Cove Neck was carrying 27 passengers. Authorities are still investigating the accident.