New Eco-Friendly Neighborhood

Eco-Friendly Ithaca Houses

ITHACA (WENY) --  A new eco-friendly and community conscious neighborhood is headed to Ithaca.

The Aurora Street Pocket neighborhood will be a group of four homes with about a dozen people living in them.  They will share food from a community garden and share resources. But more importantly, they will look after one another.

Builders of this unique neighborhood say neighborhoods like this are important because it creates a safety net for old and young family members. 

"This model is perfect for multi-generational housing because the young can take care of the old as they age," says Susan Cosentini, a builder and one of the main leaders behind the project.

Each house is being built with environmentally-friendly materials, and close to shops and schools to promote walking and cycling, and reduce people's carbon footprint.  Homes will include energy efficient insulation, windows and solar energy options to keep the neighborhood completely threaded with the environment.

"You could just dial  down to being about health and well being in a lot of respects," says Cosentini.  "Both for the earth and the people that live here."

Nearby neighbors say this project fits in well with the neighborhood and the city of Ithaca.

"It seems to fit well with what a lot of people are thinking about in terms of getting away from automobiles for transportation and making the most of space and doing everything in an energy efficient way," says Alex Lesman, a next-door neighbor.

The three houses being added to the property cost between $245,000 and $280,000, but already have buyers.  Construction is expected to wrap up between six and eight months.

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