New Kitty Kaboose

The Schuyler Co. Humane Society Sinks $20,000 Into New Cat Quarters

New Kitty Kaboose

May 11, 2012

           SCHUYLER CO. (WENY) --  The Schuyler County Humane Society has come a long since volunteers started renovations more than six months ago, but the animals still need your help.

          So far volunteers have sunk about $20,000 into the Kitty Kaboose, which currently houses 20 cats in need of homes.  The goal is to get all of the animals and the spay and neuter center moved into the new Montour Falls building by this fall.

         So far they've raised $220,000, but they still have $130,000 left to go to reach their overall goal.

        "We really do want to make this a resource for the community," says president, Georgie Taylor. "We want it to be an educational center, a place where people can come if they have questions, a place where people can be involved and volunteer."

       To find out more about donating, adopting or volunteering, call 594-2255.  Or you can visit