New Ithaca Trails Open

The mayor cuts the ribbons on two new recreation and hiking trails in Ithaca this morning.

New Ithaca Trails Open

August 3, 2012

Ithaca (WENY) - The mayor cuts the ribbons on two new recreation and hiking trails in Ithaca this morning. The new york secretary of state came down from Albany to mark the occasion. Now two of three phases are finished for a trail that explores Cayuga lake from the land and water. The department of state put up a lot of the money for the trail, and Secretary Cesar Perales wanted the see it first hand.

     “Think of this as community development in the truest sense. It's a little thing but its going to make all the difference in the long run to what Ithaca becomes,” says the secretary.

     That little thing isn’t so small, in fact the trail is 6 miles. People can walk bike and paddle around the southern waterways of the Cayuga lakefront.

     “What we're going to see is people flock to the area, take back the water we're going to see not just more tourism here in the city but we're going to see the people who actually live here in the city enjoying the water and having a better quality of life,” says Ithaca's Mayor Savante Myrick.

     The state department pumped more than $80,000 to fix bridges and walkways along the trails.

     “When you have a place where people want to live in that has a tremendous impact on the economy people will want to not just visit they are going to want to live here and I think that's what this trail represents,” says Perales.

     The next and final phase will connect the Ithaca farmers market to the western end of Stewart park. Secretary Perales says the state will continue to invest in projects like the trail in an effort to change communities for the better.

     “I think that what I am seeing here today is perhaps a prime example of what these state investments mean and the impact they can have.”

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