Officials Break Ground on Lamphear Court Apts in Corning

Written By: Isabel Garcia
Lamphear Apts

August 11, 2016

CORNING (WENY) -- After three years and a recent delay, the first phase of the redevelopment project of the former Meadowbrook Apartments in Corning is officially underway.

     Thursday morning, city and state officials gathered at the construction site where the brand new Lamphear Court Apartments will be built. The complex will include 48 one-bedroom units and 12 two-bedroom units. Six apartments will be fully accessible for residents with mobility impairments and three units will be reserved for residents with auditory and/or visual impairments.

     Each apartment will also come with high efficiency appliances, central air, dishwasher and refrigerator, and stove. The complex will include a common laundry area, community room with a kitchenette, computer room, fitness room, a children's playground and management offices.

     The goal for developers is to have people currently living in Meadowbrook Apartment homes to apply for one of the new housing options.

     "They'll have to meet the income guidelines, as well as go through the reference background check process, etc. and make sure that they're eligible, but they'll be able to apply. We anticipate a number of folks who are currently living here will also live in the new building," says Jeffrey Eaton, CEO of Arbor Housing and Development, the non-profit agency behind the new project.

     There is a relocation plan in place for those who may not qualify for the new apartments. The redevelopment project has been something on the city's mind for more than a decade. It's included, specifically, in the City Master Plan, and the construction is designed to be a catalyst for a city-wide housing strategy.

     "This is the initial project. This is the startup. This is the beginning. And what follows is the redevelopment of the Corning Hospital and hopefully the redevelopment of Northside Blodgett. Those two projects, along with this one will create an impetus on our housing strategy," says Corning Mayor Richard Negri.

     Phase 2 of the redevelopment project is already in action and will add a different type of housing option.

     "We're in, actually, the process of applying now for a Phase 2 and Phase 2 then would be the, essentially, the tearing down of the rest of the buildings in a phased-approach so nobody is dislocated from their current housing, and then we would construct 80 town homes in this place," Eaton says.

     Residents WENY News talked to who are currently living in Meadowbrook Apartments all say they are looking forward to the new project coming together, and hope to move in once the building is completed.

     Construction of the new Lamphear Court Apartment complex is expected to be completed in the next 12 months.