FEMA Helping Owego-Apalachin District

Schumer Urges FEMA to give money to help Sothern Tier School District

Owego-Apalachin District Getting Help

June 6, 2012

Owego (WENY) - Owego-Apalchin Central School District employees are still reeling from the effects from last years floods. Maintenance crews and district employees are still without a home and most of their equipment, but that could change soon. Tomorrow marks the 9 month anniversary of floods that destroyed so many homes and businesses last summer. Last fall the high school saw 6 feet of water, and so did much of rest of Owego. It destroyed district buildings and displaced employees.

Timothy Main is a maintenance mechanic for the Owego-Apalchin School District, since the flood he's been working out of a converted bus, and it hasn't been easy

“It's a difficult situation in terms of keeping up with the post flood demands there’s always a need for more equipment and things like that but we've been able to do the best we can with limited equipment.”

When Tim says limited equipment, he means it. The flood took out 4 out of the districts seven buildings and almost all of its equipment when the storage facility was flooded with more than 6 feet of water. Tony Clark the school district Supervisor of facilities works out of a converted concession stand next to the football field, but everything could get back to normal over the next year.

“It's been a struggle to be completely honest with you our biggest issue is that we don't have a home to work out of anymore we're kinda spread out all over the place.”

With urging from Senator Chuck Schumer, FEMA announced today that it plans to fund the replacement facilities for the district, and the elementary school.

“Hopefully we are getting closer to an answer of where we're going to be are we getting the building rebuilt will we be relocated?” says Clark.

“In any time of misfortune we are glad to see things are picking up here in the community grass is coming back the area is cleaned up,” says Main. “We're seeing more smiles than frowns and we're finding out that we can pretty much endure any heartbreak or tragedy if we stick together.”

Tony and his crew are not out of the woods just yet. Rebuilding projects could take over a year to finish.