Painted Post Dissolution Petition

Painted Post Dissolution Petition
Painted Post (WENY) -- Residents in the Village of Painted Post have started a petition to put the dissolution of the village up for public vote. Some residents say they're sick of paying high taxes and believe they should have a say in their village possibly consolidating with the Town of Erwin. 

"The petition is a great idea," said Painted Post resident Dick Myers. "We were promised approximately two years ago to consolidate with Erwin would come to the voters, and it has to come to the voters."

Myers is just one of many Painted Post residents glad to see action finally being taken on the village's dissolution issue. A petition started two days ago, calling for a public vote on the issue, and there's already 110 signatures -- just eight shy of the 10 percent of registered voters needed, in order to officially submit it to the board.

"The village board has decided at this point in the position papers to try and improve on the financial situation themselves without putting it to a vote, and we just want to know that they're acting in the residents' best interest," said Phyllis Draper, who is co-chair of Painted Post Tax Relief and started the petition.

Residents say the large tax burden weighs heavily on them and they should have the right to vote on a dissolution that could improve their lives.

"The only way I pay my taxes -- I had to go take a loan out," said Myers. "That is horrible.That is horrible to put that burden on elderly people."

"I've had my house here for about four years now, and it's going to affect not only our taxes but our schooling," said resident Jennifer Gardiner. "I think it should be a public vote. I think we all should have a say in what concerns us, not just happen and then we suffer the consequences later."

WENY-TV reached out to Village Mayor Roz Crozier, but he declined to comment on the matter, and Town of Erwin officials were unavailable.

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