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Fraternity Painting Upsets Cohocton Neighbors

A Memorial Dedicated to a Fallen Soldier is Covered in Greek Symbols

April 20, 2012
       COHOCTON (WENY) --  Some Cohocton residents are upset fraternity members at Alfred State College painted their Greek letters over a memorial dedicated to fallen Army Sgt. Devin Snyder. 
      Friends and family made the memorial last June after Snyder was killed in Afghanistan.  Kappa Sigma Epsilon members repainted the rock Thursday night with their symbols, which upset many Cohocton community members.  They called it disrespectful to Snyder's family and other soldiers.
     But that rock has been painted many times, and is known for changing images.  So some residents argue this was just another paint job with no harm intended.
    "I think they should have left the picture as is for all the world    to see our troops and their families and to let people know about their loved ones that have been lost," says Star Freeman.
     "It is traditional; fraternities, school organizations, they’ve gone up and painted it over and over again," says Scotti Bowen.  "I don’t see why it’s such a big deal over it.”