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Elmira Parking Garage Upgrade

Parking Gargae needs upgrades before the new parking regulations take affect in the city.

Elmira Parking Garage Upgrades

May 31, 2012
Elmira (WENY) -  Elmira city leaders are looking to improve the city's  public parking garage hoping to entice more people to use it. The city wants to install new or revamped meters throughout the city.  Parking fees would go up slightly.
     As for the garage,There are plans for better lighting and garbage pick up.  A pay board would allow customers to use cash or cards. Mayor Susan Skidmore says council members also want to put Signs throughout the city, directing drivers to the garage.
 “Those are the things we are looking forward to do we've budgeted for all the improvements in the garage we have the money in the bank. so its not like the money is coming out of somebodys pocket we're not bonding or anything.”
        Council is expected to approve the plans next week.  Work should start in august and finish by September.