Corning's Patterson Bridge Project

Patterson Project coulc cause problems

CCC Dorm Halt

May 18, 2012

Corning (WENY) - The Patterson bridge in Corning is ready for a facelift but Neighbors are worried about the traffic headaches that come with the detour. Local leaders want the state Department of Transportation to make changes to help avoid what they call a huge inconvenience. The DOT is spending more than 30 million dollars to upgrade the route 352 bridge in corning also known as the Patterson bridge. The project is scheduled to take a year to complete, and city leaders fear the detour might be too much for the city to handle. right now traffic going east on route 352 is flowing smoothly, but when construction starts, it's estimated bridge street will see 20 thousand more cars a day. Once the project starts, cars will be directed from route 352 onto bridge st, then take a left on Pultney Street through Riverside and Painted Post. Amber Mattison has lived on W. Pultney St for two years.

“With the kids around here and the school I think its really going to back up traffic schools are letting out and you got traffic coming over here if they cant get over there and then people have their animals,” says Amber.

The 32 million dollar project is expected to take a year to complete. The resulting damage to roads from the redirected traffic has city leaders in corning asking DOT to come up with another option. Councilman Frank Coccho prefers this plan.

“Build another bridge right next to it, keep Patterson bridge open until the project is complete and then we can demolish Patterson bridge. They say it will cost a million and a half extra to do that but what is it going to cost the city of Corning to repair its roads.”

The project is scheduled to start early next year.