Pet Disaster Plan

Pet Disaster Plan
Elmira (WENY) -- The recent tornado may have got you thinking about stocking up on supplies and formulating an emergency plan for possible storms in the future, but the SPCA doesn't want you to overlook your pets.

The Chemung County SPCA has received 13 reports for missing cats and dogs since Friday. With a detailed description of the pet, they can cross reference the details with stray animals that come in, but so far none the 13 have been found.

For the future, they urge owners to be prepared with emergency pet kits that include food, water bowls, medicines, leashes and disposable litter pans for cats.

"It's so important if you do have to evacuate your home, do not leave your pets behind," said Kate Fuller of the Chemung County Humane Society & SPCA. "It can be very stressful for them -- they could get into situations where they could get injured or get out of the house. Another important thing to mention to is that make sure your pets are properly identified at all times."

If your pet is missing, contact your local animal shelter. You can also visit the SPCA website to download "lost" flyers or post on their Facebook page.