S-VE High School Takes Stand Against Bullying

Written By: Renata Stiehl

S-VE HS Participates in Pink Shirt Day

S-VE Bullying Pink Shirt Day
     SPENCER, NY (WENY) -- Bullying is a problem in schools everywhere, but at least one local district is taking a public stand against it. Students at Spencer-Van Etten High School are wearing pink today, to send a message against bullying.
     It's a sea of hot pink in the halls of Spencer Van Etten High School, but not because it's everyone's favorite color. Students are making a statement that bullying will not be tolerated.
     "After seeing everyone take a stand against it, and it won't be the cool thing to do," explains Bobby Eastwood, a senior at S-VE.
     The pink shirt movement stems from Nova Scotia, where a ninth grade boy was bullied for wearing pink to school. Two other students heard what happened, and stood up for the boy by wearing pink the next day. Since then, support has spread like wildfire, reaching here - to Spencer Van Etten.
     "I think it's pretty moving to see how one person can make a difference, really. These two boys saw something unjust happen, and they wanted to make it better," Eastwood said.
     Students also signed a pledge, making a commitment to treat others with kindness, and report bullying when they see it.
     "Now that it's all on paper, people can really look back and say 'Wow, I made that commitment, and I have to go with that and treat others with respect,'" said S-VE senior Katelynn Sousa.
     Student council and school leaders worked to raise the thousands of dollars in donations to pay for more than 400 pink t-shirts. Local businesses and individuals are more than happy to pitch in and support the cause.
     "Obviously the anti-bullying thing is a great thing for the whole community, I think everybody should get on board," said Jebb Green, who owns Parkview Pizzeria in Spencer.
     At S-VE, Pink Shirt Day isn't just today; the students plan to wear pink every last Wednesday of the month for the rest of the school year.