Police Arrest Schuyler County Murder Suspect

One Suspect is Dead, and Now Another One is in Custody

 SCHUYLER COUNTY (WENY) --  One man suspected in the murder of Daniel Bennett is dead.  Now one's in custody.

On Monday, Thomas Borden jumped in front of a train while being chased by police who suspect he killed Bennett last Thursday night in the Town of Dix.

        New evidence shows Borden's stepbrother, Nathan Hand, was also involved and Hand is now charged with second degree murder.  Authorities are still trying to figure out how all these people are related or knew each other.
        Authorities do know stepbrothers Borden and Hand lived together in Corning, but police have not yet determined a motive.  Neighbors and people who knew the suspects and victim are helping Schuyler County Sheriff officers put the clues together. 
       The Schuyler County Sheriff says more people could be involved in Bennett's murder, but there are still a lot of unanswered questions as to why he was a target.
       "Right now we have two suspects, one in custody and one deceased and that's what we're looking at now," says Sheriff Bill Yessman.  "We may find out more people were involved but right now that's what we have."
       Hand is currently being held in the Schuyler County Jail with no bail.