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Police Raid Southport Gift Shop

Bath Salts Raid

Southport (WENY) -- Local police say they've had their eye on "Gifts For Me Myself & Eye" on South Main Street for several months. Cops made undercover buys and sent the products to a lab where tests showed they contained illegal substances.

Neighbors near the shop say the store has been attracting strange people for months, acting like they were high on bath salts.

"A neighbor lady out back had a guy arrested out here," said John Davidson, who lives across from the shop. "[He was] running around naked screaming that snakes were getting him, and she said she'd just seen him get out of there [the shop]."

Early this afternoon, local, state and federal investigators raided the property after a several month long investigation. They found cash and tons of boxes full of what they suspect to be bath salts and synthetic marajuana, which are growing problems in the Southern Tier.

"It's probably one of the worst drugs I've ever seen come across the market," said Lieutenant Sean Holley of the Chemung County Sheriff's Department.

The gift shop in Southport is located in a residential neighborhood, and one neighbor, who refused to identify herself, says she's thrilled the police finally raided the property.

"All I am saying is, we don't need this in the neighborhood," she said. "We have a lot of children over here, there's the UPC house, the high school and a lot of eldery people in this neighborhood who do not need this trouble."

The evidence now heads to the U.S. Attorney's Office in Rochester for lab tests. Owners of the gift shop declined to comment.