Troy Council Approves Police Resignations

Troy Police Resignation Latest

TROY, PA (WENY)--- Continuing coverage now on mass police resignations in Troy.

The borough council has accepted the three resignations, including the Chief's, leaving the borough with one full-time cop. A lot of residents are wondering, where does the borough go from here?

"Got cops? Pack your own iron, we do." It's a message that many Troy businesses are spreading.

Owners and employees are worried about security after hearing the Police Chief and two police officers quit... effective a week from today.

Sarah G, an employee at Tygart Beverages is worried about the resignations.

"We are not protected, I think it means that if we call 9-11, there are only certain hours of protection it shouldn't be that way, the community should have cops, they should have an on-duty staff, even if there is just a crime watch, there should be something."

Monday, Council members accepted the resignations of the Borough's Police Chief, Senior Patrolman and one part time officer. The resignations leave one full time officer and one part timer to patrol the borough. State Police will provide mutual aid.

Troy Sheriff, Jarivs Burlingame, says he is ready to move forward.

He said, "There's a process that we need to follow to hire to people or get other people in but we need to file the process." 

That process has begun... The borough has started interviewing candidates from the Police Academy at Mansfield University.

Troy Mayor, Mike Powers, is working to fill the positions and he said, "I want to assure the citizens of Tory and the residents of Troy that as Mayor and the Mayor and council work together, we will indeed make sure that we have the adequate coverage for our borough."

Both Police Chief Kyle Wisel and Senior Patrolman Floyd McDonald said they are leaving due to a budget freeze.

McDonald tells us, this is a tough situation but he feels it needs to be done.