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Race for the Space Ends

Winners get one year free rent to help start their business

Race for the Space Ends

June 1, 2012

Ithaca (WENY) - Two local businesses in Ithaca win free rent for a year,placing first in the Race for the space, a first of it's kind incentive program in New York State. It's an effort to bring property owners and entrepreneurs together to expand business in downtown Ithaca. The winners were chosen from 28 different business ideas submitted to Ithaca downtown alliance. Each grand prize finalist wins the free rent for a year, a year of free advertising, graphic designing and marketing help. Everything owners need to get a business going. Soon the old Ithaca Journal building will be transformed into "Life's So Sweet" chocolate shop. It'll be the second location for Darlynne Overbaug, who owns a shop in Trumansburg. Today, her business model was one of 2 grand prize winners in a race for the space.

“I feel like my business is my family and to grow it into the Ithaca area to bring back the tradition of candy making to work with john to revitalize a space that's exciting.”

Darlynne's shop was selected from 28 others business models in the competition. Hedi Brown and Olivia Royale's business, Art and Found, was also selected. They plan to sell Eco-friendly clothing and art work.

“It's definitely a blessing we've been working toward this goal for years and to just have the town support and it really means a lot to us,” says Royale.

Both stores won a year's worth of rent from the property owners like John Guttrid, are willing to give up the money for the long term benefits.

“Our hope is that this is the beginning of a much longer relationship and that the year of rent will disappear over the 20 years of the relationship that we forge with life so sweet.”

Life's So Sweet is scheduled to open in late fall. Art and Found still needs to raise $10,000.


Go to www.Indiegogo.com to donate.