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Rally for Justice

More than 50 Cornell students and Ithaca community members demonstrate a fraternity incident.

Justice Rally

May 16, 2012

          ITHACA (WENY) --  More than 50 Cornell University students and Ithaca community members came out to protest a fraternity incident earlier this month on Wednesday afternoon.  Demonstrators say they don't believe the administration has done enough to solve the issue, and they're demanding more action.

         On May 6th, at least one person at the Sigma Pi fraternity house allegedly yelled racial slurs and threw bottles at a group of black students walking down the street.  Cornell officials suspended the fraternity a few days later, but students say more needs to be done to promote social justice on campus.

        "If you truly do value diversity, the response hasn't been enough," says Cornell grad student Dexter Thomas Jr.  "And I don't think anybody truly believes what the administration is saying."