Randy Brooks’ Funeral

Randy Brooks Funeral

Elmira (WENY) -- It was a very somber atmosphere around the church today, but family members said that, through the tears, there were still plenty of smiles while remembering Brooks.

People quickly filled the church to capacity, and dozens waited outside for a chance to get in. Relatives said it shows how much people in the community loved Randy Brooks.

It's been a week since the fatal shooting, and still no arrests. Close friends said they're not letting their frustrations get the best of them, and they believe justice will eventually be served.

"Really ain't a lot to say about it," said Brooks' cousin Jovian Scharborough. "I mean, it shouldn't have happened like that."

"Nevertheless, we're blessed for the time that God gave him to us," added friend James Overstreet. "An earth's loss is a Heaven's gain, so he's in Heaven now. His past and his worries in his life, all this Elmira stuff is over."

Police say they're still investigating and won't release any other details at this time.