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Chemung County School Readiness Project

Project Launched By Community Foundation

School Readiness Project

Chemung County is setting the standard for early childhood education.  Five years ago, the Community Foundation of Elmira-Corning and the Finger Lakes launched the School Readiness Project.  The project is designed to get kids from newborns to five years old better prepared for Kindergarten with no cost to parents.

In 2007, a Community Foundation assessment found that only 47 percent of students entering Kindergarten were prepared.  Today, the Community Foundation and panel members announced that the number of students prepared is up to 68%. 

Foundation president, Randi Hewit hopes that this program ensures long term success for both parent and child.  "Parents say I have this baby and I don't know what to do and we're saying to them it's ok, we can help" Randi says.

Christine Meier is just one of many parents who have benefited form the School Readiness Project.  She says "my son could do developmental activities and I could network with other families and I took advantage of that. So I certainly found it helpful and I think all of those sorts of things along the way have helped".

The next step for Community Foundation members is tracking the long term results of students who first used the program in 2007.