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Reed Seeks New 5 Year Farm Bill

'Status Quo Not Good Enough'

Reed Seeks New 5 Year Farm Bill

(WENY)-- A law designed to help farmers and ranchers expired yesterday.  Congressman Tom Reed put the blame on the Senate for not placing enough reforms in their version of the Farm Bill back in June.  Reed says G-O-P leaders blocked the Senate Farm Bill from floor vote because key issues like Crop Insurance and Immigration reform were not dealt with properly.  Without these reforms, Reed says it's going to be status quo for farmers who expect more from Washington.

"The problem is you had the Senate roll out a bill that had no reforms in it and just maintained the status quo and the status quo if you talk to any farmer around the country is just not good enough when you have the opportunity to reform" Reed says.

Reed is hopeful that a 5 year Farm Bill can be worked out during the lame-duck session this November or December.