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Congressman Reed Reacts to Shinagawa's Pledge

Congressman  Reed Reacts to Shinagawa

CORNING (WENY)---Democratic Congressional hopeful, Nate Shinagawa is pledging not to take special trips if elected, but Congressman Tom Reed says traveling is essential to the job.

As you may recall, Republican Congressman Tom Reed was caught up in the scandal last week after U-S Representative Kevin Yoder of Kansas admitted to skinny dipping in the Sea of Galilee. Reed has said he was on that trip and took a dip but was fully clothed.

Shinagawa is making a pledge to never take special interest funded trips or vacations for himself, family or staff if he is elected. But Reed says, these trips give better insight to american policy.

Reed said, "All of our trips were not tax payer funded trips and we went first hand, primarily to discuss opportunities for upstate products to  be exported to those markets, to those areas, to try to create jobs back here locally so we can play on this world economic platform."

Reed says he wants to move passed the sea of Galilee scandal and look towards other issues at hand, including jobs and the economy.