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Remembering Kanisha Wood

Friends and Family Remember 20-Year-Old Kanisha Wood One Year Later

Remembering Kanisha Wood

May 8, 2012

          MILLERTON (WENY) --  Friends and family came together to remember an Elmira woman killed a year ago in a Baldwin meth lab fire.  Tuesday night, more than 35 loved ones held a candlelight vigil and released balloons to honor the memory of 20-year-old Kanisha Wood.

         Gary Varlan and Brian Peters were making meth at Varlan's cabin last May when plastic chemicals caught fire, and sparked an explosion.  Wood died from burns she suffered in the blaze.

        Her friends and family members say this past year has been difficult, but they used today to honor her memory and remind people to say no to drugs.   "We're hoping that the message goes out that drugs can kill you," says Kanisha's grandmother, Pam Lain. "She was made of gold. She was a perfect young lady, very sweet to everybody. She never said no to anybody she was very kind to everybody," says Kanisha's friend, Jorene Briggs.

        Gary Varlan is currently serving six to ten years in state prison, and Brion Peters could serve up to 15 years.  Both were convicted of second degree manslaughter.