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Ron Paul Visits Cornell University

The Repulbican Hopeful Makes a Stop in the Southern Tier

Ron Paul Visits Cornell
ITHACA (WENY) -- More than 4,400 Ron Paul supporters packed Cornell's Lynah Rink Thursday night as part of his day-long stop in Ithaca. During his hour long speech, the Republican hopeful talked about his plans as president and why the young people's vote is so important. 
       Supporters say Paul's stand on the federal reserve, Patriot Act and protecting internet privacy are just some of the reasons they support him instead of frontrunner Mitt Romney, or Newt Gingrich.  When asked about his low delegate count and lagging poll numbers, supporters say they're still happy he gets to spread his message.
      "I know the numbers aren't looking so hot right now, but I know Ron Paul's going to pull through," says Steven Smolyn from Summits, New Jersey.  "And if he doesn't, at least he's going to get out his message, and that's pretty important because he's got a pretty important message to tell."
      "The crowds are bigger than ever, and that's one reason why we're going to continue," says Paul. "We think the message is powerful and the votes haven't been counted."