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Roundabout Plans on Hold in Elmira

Elmira Roundabouts

ELMIRA (WENY) --  Neighbors near Maple avenue in Elmira will have to wait a little bit longer for two mini-roundabouts.  The Elmira City council voted against accepting the construction bid of two roundabouts because it exceeds the project's budget.

Those traffic changes were set to go in at two intersections: one at Maple and Horner, and the other at Maple and Caldwell.  The city has a little over a hundred thousand dollars in grant money for the project, but Elmira would foot the rest of the bill.

"You begin to run out of time at some point and when you only have one bidder, a good local firm, but only one bidder your prices can be higher, and it was over our budget," says Andy Avery with the Department of Public Works. "We have some ideas about how to bing thse prices down and hopefully get the project finished by this year."

The plan is to put the project out to bid again this month and hopefully get a firm to start construction by September.