Shinagawa Voices Support for Obamacare

Shinagawa Voices Support for Obamacare

ITHACA (WENY) --  Democratic congressional candidate Nate Shinagawa is voicing his support for President Obama's Affordable Care Act that the Supreme Court upheld last week.  On Monday, his Republican opponent and current congressman Tom Reed spoke about his opposition to the measure, and how it would hurt small business owners.

Shinagawa disagrees, and says it's beneficial to families and actually helps small businesses.  Under the Affordable Care act, businesses with more than 50 workers would be required to provide insurance, but would also be eligible for tax credits and assistance.

"This bill helps patients, it makes health care affordable, it protects people from health insurance and their whims, now you get coverage for pre-existing conditions," comments Shinagawa.  "You have young people up to the age of 26 [on their parent's insurance]. This bill helps families."

Under the Affordable Care Act, every U.S. citizen would be required to have health insurance or pay fine.  It would affect about 50 million uninsured Americans.