Shinagawa Talks Reed Finances

Reed and Shinagawa

Southern Tier (WENY) -- Election day is just weeks away, and local congressional candidates are feeling the pressure to voice their differences.

Nate Shinagawa -- the democrat running against Congressman Tom Reed to represent the 23rd congressional district -- said Reed opposes Obama's Affordable Care Act for the wrong reasons. Reed is part owner of some companies who work with medical debt collectors. Shinagawa said that's a conflict of interest. Reed said that's nonsense, and he doesn't like Obama-care because it doesn't do enough to reel in rising healthcare costs.

"He's voting against the Affordable Care Act because he can no longer go after people through his medical debt collection agency," said Shinagawa. "That's the problem, and I think it's shocking that it hasn't come to light, and it's something that we all need to be talking about because there is, I believe, a direct conflict of interest there."

"To me, it's a sign of desperation from an individual who is not offering anything to solve America's problems," added Reed. "To get into personal mudslinging, I guess is part of this process, but we're not going to do it. This is about creating jobs for people. This is about having a vision for America today and tomorrow."

Reed was also in Hornell today promoting the Maximize Our Highways Act he introduced to the House. The act directs the Department of Transportation to find better ways to use the millions of acres of land along federal highways.