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Sikorsky Employee Speaks Out; Pleads For His Job

Sikorsky Employee Speaks Out

BIG FLATS, NY (WENY) A Sikorsky employee is speaking out, pleading for his job.

Before the end of the year, almost 600 sikorsky employees will be without a job--just in time for the holidays. A Sikorsky employee tell us he's devastated, and doesn't know what he's going to do next. But the Chemung county executive says some employees are already finding new jobs. Tom Santull also worries about more layoffs at other area military suppliers.

Youth Cheng says he's devastated by this job loss. The military veteran moved to Horseheads from Connecticut a few years ago to work for Sikorsky.

"We do a great job, they do a great job," says Cheng. "We will do whatever the company wants," he adds.

But Santulli says the chance of employees like Cheng getting their jobs back is very slim. However, Santulli says he's hearing of some employees getting new jobs at area manufacturing places like CAF U.S.A.

"The government has made it really clear. We're getting out of Iraq, we're getting out of Afghanistan. There's going to be less military," says Santulli. "The government has less money. The government is going to be downsizing it's military operation. I think what happened at Sikorsky, I think you're going to see happen at Boeing, lockheed martin down the road," he adds.

As for the Sikorsky's facilities, Santulli and Senator Chuck Schumer want the company to move out of their facility quickly so it won't be vacant for a long time. Santulli and other county leaders will meet with Sikorsky executives soon to try and work out come a deal.