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Southern Tier Reacts To Romney’s Pick

Southern Tier Reacts To Romney

Southern Tier (WENY) -- People in the Southern Tier have a lot to say about Romney's pick, and reactions are pretty mixed.

"When I heard his speech, it scared the daylights out of me," said Joe Kountzman, who's vacationing from California. "I thought it would be a kiss of death for the Republican party."

Some people believe Mitt Romney took a big chance by choosing Representative Paul Ryan as his running mate. WENY-TV political analyst Dr. Jim Twombly says it's a shift away from the center.

"It is something of a game changer," said Twombly. "Not quite as radical as the Sarah Palin pick of four years ago by John McCain, but in that league a little bit because it's playing to the right wing base of the Republican party."

Voters have mixed feelings.

"I thought he made a very wise choice," said Florida resident Sherry Robinson. "I think that we have a man who has moral values, a good conservative background, he has strong economic policies behind him. We need to get this country back on track."

"I am embarrassed to say I am a Republican when the Republican party thinks it's more important to vote no on issues than it is to do what's best for all of us citizens," said Sally Kersting of Painted Post.

The move has generated a lot of opinions, but the future is still uncertain.

"Whether or not it's going to do enough to energize the base to overcome the deficit that Romney was beginning to get in the polls is yet to be seen," said Twombly.