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Suspected Meth Lab in Elmira

Suspected Meth Bust in Elmira

Elmira (WENY) -- People on Hall Street in Elmira are relieved investigators busted a suspected meth lab in the neighborhood. Some neighbors say 1316 Hall Street has been the scene of constant loud parties and attracting suspicious people for about a year.

"A lot of parties -- all night parties -- for days on end, too," said neighbor Rebecca Sherbert about the suspected meth users.

Around 6:15 p.m. Monday, Elmira Police responded to the house for a reported suspicious condition and possible meth lab. Police found evidence to support that report, took the occupants out, and got a search warrant.

"So glad that it's over with," said Sherbert. "The neighborhood will be safe again, hopefully."

Today, dozens of cops and firefighters lined the street while investigators went inside with gas masks to uncover evidence. Three puppies were taken out this afternoon along with several bottles filled with a white substance. Neighbors were a bit shaken.

"It's freaky," said neighbor Jorja Heffron. "I mean, what if it blew up -- there's tons of kids on my street. If it took down their house, it would have taken down all the houses on the same side."

"My kids, they ride up and down the street on their bikes and play with their friends right out in front of our house," said neighbor Kristy Hartford. "And to know that it was like that right next door, I feel kinda silly now to think something was going on and to keep them in the house or away from it anyway."

Police say they haven't arrested anyone as of right now, and they're still investigating.