The Benefits of Drilling

Supporters of Hydro-Fracking Meet in Newfield & Cuomo Considers "Home Rule"

SPENCER (WENY) -- The ongoing fracking debate continues locally, this time in the Town of Newfield.  Town leaders are considering a fracking moratorium for the municipality, if the controversial drilling method ever starts in New York state.

But some residents oppose the measure, and are highlighting the benefits of drilling.  At Monday's 'Gas Drilling -- a Positive, not a Negative' forum, several speakers presented information about the economic boost it could bring to the region. 

Fracking supporters say environmental worries about drilling have been exaggerated and one-sided.

"This is the only industry that wants to move into New York state," says Tom Reynolds, the forum organizer. "We don't have to bribe them with tax credits, we don't have to give them economic development money. They're ready to move in, just decide what the rules are and let them in."

The town of Newfield is hosting a public forum about the moratorium on Thursday at 7 P.M. at the Newfield Fire Hall.

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