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Three Arrested In Horseheads Prostitution Bust

Three Arrested In Prostitution Bust
Horseheads (WENY) -- Horseheads police arrested three women over the weekend on prostitution charges at the Landmark Inn. It's the second group of alleged hookers busted in that area this year.

Police say, 18-year-old Asia Johnson, 27-year-old Akila Johnson and 19-year-old Roxsand Ippolito offered services to undercover cops.

Chief Mike Barton says it's about supply and demand.

"As I understand it, they're from out of town and they can command a better dollar here than they can where there's competition for their services," said Barton.

Southern Tier residents are puzzled, but happy the local police are cracking down.

"I'm glad that they're cracking down on it, but you know, I'm not surprised that it's in every area," said Colleen Dyer of Corning. "Times are tough for everybody, I suppose."

"I think it's great [police are cracking down]," added Clara Merrick of Sullivanville. "It needs to be done. I was really surprised that there was any around here."

The three women were arraigned in Village Court and sent to the Chemung County Jail.

"It's something that we'll probably never eliminate, but we're going to continue to investigate and arrest and prosecute the people that are responsible for it," said Barton.