Tioga County Fair Open

Massive flooding couldn’t stop one of New York’s longest running fairs.

Tioga County Fair Open

July 9, 2012

Owego (WENY) - Massive flooding couldn't stop one of New York's longest running fairs. September's floods devastated the Tioga County Fairgrounds, nearly canceling this year's county fair. The late summer flooding in Owego left the fairgrounds under 12 feet of water. Buildings were lost, the grandstands still need to be fixed, and the 4-H building had more than $16,000 worth of damage. But despite all that almost a year later the grounds are ready for another fairs. Thanks to the floods, this year's fair will be scaled down.

      For 10 year old Emily Henry, the Tioga County Fair is more than just a place to have fun every year. It's a time to show off what's she's learned over the past year.

      “I learn about how much they eat, how much they drink, how much bedding they should use and how warm they should be,” says Emily.

      Emily is entering her cow Betsy into the 4-H contest at the fair; the fair which almost didn't happen. Clover Perrotta the Tioga County Fair Board President saw the fair grounds and the devastation.

     “To come here and see buildings that were literally picked up and moved and walls missing. Knowing there is no electric or water or anything was down here it was just devastating,” says Perrotta.

      Andy Fagan from Tioga County Cooperative Extension says this years fair will be a lot of fun despite the scaled down size.

      “Even though we're not going to have the full blown fair this year, the fact that we're having something is a testament to the community and its important to the community and the kids to show life goes on.”

     “It's a fair that we weren't sure we were going to have this year and even though its a little bit smaller this year its just amazing to see how far we have come and we hope for bigger and better things next year.”

     The Tioga County fair starts tomorrow and runs through Saturday. Tickets are just 2$.

      For more information go to http://www.eventcrazy.com/Owego-NY/events/details/118380-Tioga-County-Fair or call (607) 206-0230