Tornado Damages Troy Area Neighborhood

Tornado Hits Troy, Pennsylvania

BRADFORD COUNTY (WENY) --Some Northern Tier neighbors are still cleaning up after a small tornado touched down near Troy, taking out trees, power lines, and even the roof of a garage.

According to the National Weather Service, an EF0 tornado went through an area about two miles southwest of Troy.  Winds got up to about 80 miles an hour, but the funnel was only on the ground for a few minutes.

Neighbors on Fallbrook Road where the tornado landed say they were surprised at the severity of the storm.  Some are also worried because they never got a broadcast warning it was on the way.

"I don't think we were really prepared because I don't think anybody would have ever thought we would have this in our little town," says Carol Turner, a Fallbrook Road neighbor who's lived on the street more than 50 years.

"It knocked a tree over, a lot of trees," says Shawn Barrett just down the road who also saw damage at his property.  "It sounded like a train hit the house."

Emergency workers say if you see something that looks like a funnel cloud or severe lightning, you should get away from windows and to the lowest point.  And if you are stuck outside or in a car, try to find a ditch to crouch in until the storm passes.