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Tornado Food Problems

Some neighbors in Elmira still didn’t have power this morning but by the end of the day most are back online.

Tornado Food Problems

July 30, 2012

Elmira (WENY) - Some neighbors in Elmira still didn't have power this morning but by the end of the day most are back online. The real problem wasn't the lack of air conditioning but all the spoiled food. It may not seem like a lot was lost, but some people stock up on groceries to save, and this weekend they lost everything. Families were stopping by the NYSEG distribution center on Lake street this afternoon, many still didn't have power. Marcus Jackson lives in Elmira and says he lost a lot.

     “I had a big chest freezer that's 9x13 filled all the way to the top with meat, all the way and I lost it all .”

     With power out for more than three days, an unforeseen problem has emerged, wasted food.

     “The dry ice if they could have gotten it a little bit sooner it maybe could have saved some peoples food it was a little too late for the dry ice but at least the dry ice keeps the water cold,” says Jackson.

     Volunteers working at the Elmira economic opportunity program made 1,000 sandwiches today by noon. They made more than 3,000 total sandwiches for the Red Cross in three days. Anita Lewis, VP of Community Relations for EOP says the sandwiches will go a long way towards getting people through the next few meals.

     “I think food is definitely an issue because a lot of people still don't have power so they're working off things like sandwiches and those type of things.”

      The Lake Street distribution center closed this afternoon, and the state of emergency in Elmira will be lifted at 6 P.M. Monday.