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New Police Chief in Troy Borough

Written By: Joe Melillo

For three days the Troy borough’s only protection was from the state police, after 75 percent of the department, resigned earlier in the month.

Tory Borough’s New Police Chief

August 23, 2012

Troy (WENY) - For three days the Troy borough's only protection was from the state police, after 75 percent of the department, resigned earlier in the month. Tonight a new police chief was appointed. This starts the rebuilding process for the department and the community, as the police chief makes up more than half the department. Marilynne Burchard lives in troy and is a business-owner.

“I was worried because I actually have young children 6 years old. I knew the overload would be just way to much for the state troopers their busy already.”

Over the past week she and some of her neighbors were without the safety of local police, but the Troy Boro mayor appointed long time officer Jarvis Burlingame for a fresh start.

“Right now we are short staffed and we got to work to get the police department back up to where it should be. Thats going to be difficult task but it can be done and i'm sure the community will be happy with the police department when we're done,” says Burlingame.

Cheif Burlingame grew up in troy and graduated from troy high school. He's been a police officer for almost 40 years, and also served as the police chief for Athens borough. Chief Burlingame's father, who is battling cancer, pinned the badge on his son.

“When I first told him that I was going to become a police officer his reaction was, "why the heck would you do that?". And now these many years later to have him pin the badge on felt pretty good,” says Burlingame.

Dan Close the Borough Manager was happy it was someone local.

“He's got 38 years of law enforcement under his belt, graduated from troy high school I think he's a great choice by the council and I'm looking forward to him developing a department that we all can be proud and happy of.”

“I think that its great that he is local and know everybody, it's a great thing for the town,” says Burchard

The borough Manager says he is in the middle of interviews to fill two more positions in the department. Both positions would be on a part time basis.