New Police Chief for Troy Borough

New Police Chief Chosen in Troy

TROY (WENY)---There are new developments in the Troy Borough police dispute.

The borough has a new Police Chief. Sergeant Jarvis Burlingame is the new top cop in Troy Borough.

Burlingame replaces former police chief Kyle Wisel, who resigned just a few weeks ago. As you may recall, the Troy borough council accepted 3 resignations last week. The resignations left the borough with one full-time police officer.

Troy Mayor Michael Powers made the decision at the council meeting Tuesday night and he says appointing Burlingame as the new chief is a step in the right direction.

The Mayor tells WENY-TV News, "First and foremost he is the most experienced officer we have, and secondly, after many years of ten-year and service to the community and other communities as well, he is certainly the best qualified candidate for the job and it is always an honor to promote within our borough."

Burlingame has served as a police officer for 38 years, including a stint as the former chief of police for Athens borough. He tells WENY-TV News, he is honored to serve as Chief of Troy.

And the Borough is inducting Burlingame at the Western Alliance Emergency services Building at 6 on Thursday night. The public is invited to attend.